Garlicky Shrimp & Wasabi Spätzle

Spätzle are a type of egg noodle or dumpling of soft texture found in the cuisines of southern Germany and of Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace and South Tyrol. This dish combines Spatzle & garlic shrimp to make a delicious meal for four!

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Kahalu’u Smoked Meat

This delicious pork dish is made with fresh, local ingredients and serves four!

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Island Ono Poisson Cru

An easy, fresh island recipe that serves four Island Ono Poisson Cru!

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Calamari Sweet Basil

A quick an easy tutorial on how to create a delicious calamari stir fry with a Thai kick! This dish includes tender pieces of calamari and a delicious combination of vegetables. [Read more...]

Sweet Chili Scallops

A perfect scallop dish with a Maile twist. This includes onions, bell peppers, and of course, sweet chilli! Quick, simple, and fancy.  [Read more...]

House Fried Rice

Maile Symmonds, creates a Hawaiian local style Fried Rice with a Thai twist. Watch this how to video by Maile on her special House Fried Rice, and then try it yourself with our signature recipe.  [Read more...]

Chicken Larb

Maile Sengoura of Maile’s Thai Bistro in Honolulu, creates a delicious Thai minced chicken salad that you can duplicate in your own kitchen. Use our step by step instructions & cook along with Maile’s video to make an amazing Chicken Larb! [Read more...]

Panang Chicken Curry

Maile Sengoura of Maile”s Thai Bistro in Hawaii Kai, makes a delicious and peanuty Panang Chicken curry. Really great with some pad thai too! Let Maile teach best casino you how to make Panang Chicken Curry, then try it yourself with our step by step recipe below!  [Read more...]

Waterfall Beef

Maile Sengoura makes Waterfall Beef Steak Salad. An easy salad to make that is fresh, healthy, and also juicy.  Below you”ll find our signature Waterfall Beef recipe as well as a great video In the Kitchen With Maile cooking her Waterfall Beef check your credit score card or bank statement when you get back to make sure no extra charges have been added to your bill without your knowledge, and ensure you’ve had your full deposit back. Salad!

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